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Welcome to Bootheel Woodworks! My name is Madison. I am a stay at home mama with a pretty awesome side gig. I do all of the designing, staining, and painting of our pieces. My husband, Wesley, works full time himself, but does the manual labor or "workshop" side of our business. We are the proud parents of a spit-fire three year old girl named Stetson, and a sweet little newborn baby boy named Jayce.
About Bootheel Woodworks:
I began making string art signs in September 2015 before the birth of our daughter. After a bit of a break, I started making wooden signs, this time offering our custom Handwriting Signs. My first sign was gifted to my dad in my grandmother's handwriting in March of 2017. Since then, Bootheel Woodworks has grown exponentially and has created hundreds of signs for our awesome customers.

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Ashley Stout

I asked for a handwritten letter board for my Mom as a gift. She delivered exactly what I imagined. My brother passed away tragically im a car accident. Tears pooled in my mom’s eyes when I gave it to her. It’s a gift to be treasured a lifetime. Thank you so much.

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